Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stylish blogger Award

Honestly I am overwhelmed with shock and happiness to have been given this award from Bren. I am blown away! Thank you sooooo much!

I am to share eight things about myself that you might not know....

  1. My biggest hero is my mom. How she raised two girls basically by herself floors me.
  2. I HATE carrots any way, any shape any form and yes that includes in cake!!!
  3. My dream place to live is San Diego. I love that city!
  4. I have only traveled out of the country twice and both times it was to Mexico.
  5. I LOVEEEEEEEE to read! I may love that more than crafting (shhhhh don't tell anyone!)
  6. I have an obsession for recipes! I have tons of cookbooks and surf the web constantly for new recipes!
  7. I am deathly afraid of heights but love a good rollor coaster (go figure).
  8. My family is my world!

Now to pass the award on to 8 deserving crafters. Please take some time to visit their amazing blogs!

  1. Deb
  2. Denni
  3. Laurie
  4. Tracy
  5. Kimi
  6. Paula
  7. Jen
  8. JustYolie


  1. Congrats Lisa... love your blog! I'm a scrapper too but haven't found the time to even lift a glue stick lately :)

    I'm totally with you on numbers 5 and 6!!


  2. Congrat on the Blog Award!!! I am with you 100% on #5, 6, and 8. Number 7 scares me to death. LOL

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today, it is greatly appreciated.